Collaborate with the leading ATM provider
Collaborate with the leading ATM provider
Euronet acquires MEPS ATM Terminals.
Euronet acquires MEPS ATM Terminals.
Install an ATM in your business
Install an ATM in your business

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Welcome to Euronet Malaysia

Introducing Euronet

The origin of Euronet traces back to 1994, when we had our humble beginnings in Central Europe and gradually evolved into a giant global real-time digital and cash payments network with millions of touchpoints today.

Simply put, we move money in all the ways that businesses and consumers rely on, including a wide range of services such as money transfer, credit/debit processing, ATMs, point-of-sale services, branded payments, currency exchange and more.

By providing products and services in over 200 countries and territories, we at Euronet and our financial technologies and networks enable everyone to take part in the global economy faster, easier, and with greater security.

The story of our global expansion outside Europe

Our desire to expand our services beyond Europe was sparked by a vision of a connected world, which drove us to grow our footprint globally. We ventured into new markets across Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East, establishing a presence in key financial hubs and remote regions alike. Through this strategic expansion we have been able to serve a wide range of clients, by adapting our services to meet the unique needs of each market. Today, we are a $3.7 Billion USD in revenues globally.

Euronet’s operations and contributions to the ATM network in Malaysia

  1. ATM Network Expansion

Euronet expanded its ATM network expansion by acquiring approval by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and PayNet, Malaysia’s national payments network, which enabled Euronet to install ATMS in Malaysia. This was done through the Shared ATM Network (SAN). Euronet also handles domestic cash withdrawal operations as an industry ATM acquirer (IAA). Euronet continues to be regulated by BNM and PayNet in Malaysia.

We successfully secured a primary ATM acquiring license from International Payments Networks to acquire and process international card transactions throughout Malaysia.

Euronet’s extended market presence is a result of our partnership with PayNet. We are quite strongly present in Malaysia, a country home to some 32.7 million people, for more than decade now.

Euronet is licensed to deploy independent ATMs and has strategically placed machines in remote and high-traffic locations. This is a significant move given Malaysia’s estimated 15,000 ATMs/CRMs, about 64% of which are located at bank branches and may still be inaccessible to some users.


Our ATM solutions are developed to work for many businesses… small or medium or large multi-site chains


With our ATM-as-a-Service value proposition, we offer banks and financial institutions (FI) a solution to leverage on our technology.


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