External ATMs

Access to cash 24×7

Our external standalone ATMs have been developed for installations in public spaces, busy streets, or remote locations and are available 24×7. This solution offers secure access to cash to communities, travellers, and customers alike, and with our add-on services the ATM can provide multiple functionalities in just one place.

With our external Kiosk ATM, we will work with municipalities and local businesses to provide a means to share community information by using the Kiosk as an advertising medium.

Benefits of the outdoor ATM:

  • 24×7 operation
  • Kiosk’s design (optional)
  • Accessibility to all
  • Serves multiple retailers in the area 
  • Add-on services (e.g., advertisement, ticket sales, coupon distribution, etc)


Minimum footprint, valuable service


A convenient and attractive solution

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