During the past decade, ATMs have evolved from traditional cash-dispensing machines to fully functioning self-service channels. Evidently, technology is contributing to the platform by aiding innovation that helps revolutionize the model of interaction, along with service levels and security features.

At Euronet, we provide the most innovative ATM solutions for banks to leverage state-of-the-art technology and an exceptional customer experience. Thanks to our global ATM network footprint and our extensive operational expertise, we promise absolute reliability and consistency. Our comprehensive suite of services can help banks in Malaysia have the industry’s best solutions to meet their various requirements.  

We help drive ATM deployment, management of existing ATM networks, connectivity to our independent ATM network with our Network Participation Agreement (NPAs), and the probability of acquiring the bank ATMs with the Asset Purchase Programme (APP)

What Makes Our ATM Solutions Ideal for Banks?

  • Approved Deployer:

Euronet is an approved player to deploy IAA  in Malaysia, which means we can deploy our own branded ATMs and equally work with banks on an end-to-end Managed Service Brown Label Model at banks and financial institutions across the country.

  • 24×7 Service Provider

A reliable and versatile service provider that can manage your ATM network 24×7 and takes care of your customized requirements in a compelling manner.

  • Scalable

Euronet ensures optimum scalability with Ren, the modern cloud native platform that powers our ATM network and will be useful in personalized screen flows such as multilingual support, contactless payment, and integration of future upgrades.

  • Cost Effective

With our specialized ATM solution in Malaysia, we equip banks of all sizes with easy-to-use transaction processing and ATM software that helps enhance cost efficiency.

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